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Audience360™: Empower Your Business with Solid Data Foundation

In a fiercely competitive market with evolving customer expectations, successful enterprise marketing relies on precise, clean data. Audience360 establishes the essential base for consistent processing and ensures pristine data flow to marketing tools, fueling Audience First initiatives and campaigns.
B2B Allies recognized as a notable vendor in the B2B Revenue Marketing Platforms Landscape, Q2 2023.

Manage and Distribute with Flexibility

Audience360 is a cloud-based collection of data components for management and distribution, designed to be tailored to your specific data use case.
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Obtain Verified Data, Manage Existing Sources, Eliminate Duplication and Wasteful Expenditure

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Purify Your Data, Unify with Custom Identity Resolution, and Enhance with Fresh Insights

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Integrate Clean and Enriched Data into Programs, Technologies, and Partners for Activation

All Your Essential Data in a Single Location

Audience360 enables the intake of various data types from multiple sources, encompassing your data, additional inputs, and 3rd-party sources. It ensures clear de-duplication and prioritizes sources, providing you with full control and visibility over your data.
Having stood as a prominent data compiler since 1972, B2B Allies has put its principles into action. Leveraging the foundational services that drive Audience360, we consistently refine our data management processes to provide exceptional data products
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See Your Data from Our Experts' Perspective

If you’re uncertain about your data’s health, beginning can be challenging. B2B Allies’ complimentary data audit provides an overview of your business and consumer data’s cleanliness, detecting gaps and potential improvements. Conducted by our experienced Data Processing teams, this analysis delivers customer insights, data accuracy assessment, and ROI analysis.

Customizable Identity Resolution: Your Data in One Unified View

A base of precise data connected via our distinctive persistent IDs drives identity resolution. We synchronize identifiers across datasets, devices, and touchpoints into a unified profile, crafting a seamless, omnichannel perspective of your customers and prospects. This eliminates the complexity of redundant, fragmented, and erroneous data. Identity resolution is vital for enhancing current and future team requirements and streamlining operational efficiency.
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Crafted for Flexibility

Unlike fixed, opaque solutions, our tailored services are adaptable and expand alongside your business. Your data effortlessly integrates into tools, platforms, and agencies. Whether your goals shift, divisions are added, or audience dynamics change, our team ensures your agility. Audience360 evolves with you, securing long-term value from your investment.
Through harnessing B2B Allies’ database solution and our collaborative alliance, we’ve crafted an all-encompassing strategy that seamlessly fuses audience segmentation, marketing endeavors, and data activation. This approach has paved the path for an outstanding digital journey across multiple touchpoints. Within this partnership, we’ve skillfully designed digital marketing campaigns that cater to distinct audiences, leading to impressive conversion rates and customer loyalty. This dynamic has significantly fortified revenue streams for our expansive network of distributors and installers.
Lorrie Mizuko, Director Digital & Ecommerce for Consumer Products
Australia, Canberra
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Place Your Data Where Required

Opt for on-site, cloud storage, or a hybrid approach. Our skilled data management consultants design and apply tailored storage solutions, ensuring your data is accessible securely and conveniently.

Ensure Data Security

Our team of security specialists draws on their practical expertise in access control, encryption, and security testing to oversee numerous client databases, guaranteeing that your data remains accessible only to authorized users. Should risks arise, permissions can be swiftly revoked in a secure manner.
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Integration with Various Tools and Platforms

Audience360 enables agile data transfer into your current technology ecosystem. Our solution seamlessly integrates with your own or partner technologies, facilitating reporting, campaign management, analytics, and beyond.
“We sought a technology and service collaborator who could enable us to effectively address our clients’ intricate campaign and data requirements, ultimately enhancing our ability to provide superior service. Our objective was to find a partner who possesses a deep comprehension of our industry and possesses the necessary tools and proficiency to bolster our expansion efforts and onboard new clientele. B2B Allies emerged as the ideal choice given the extent of their knowledge and their capacity to handle demanding technical and service prerequisites. Their suitability as our partner became evident due to their broad expertise and the intricate nature of the challenges they adeptly accommodated.”
Senior Director, Marketing Operations
Australia, Sydney

Audience360: Fusing Years of Expertise with Cutting-edge Technology

We collaborate with clients to address data identity challenges and fuel downstream tech and marketing initiatives. Amid a market where pre-packaged solutions often miss the mark, B2B Allies provides dependable data services essential for marketers and IT leaders to achieve impactful outcomes.
Through Audience360, our clients have witnessed enhanced decision-making, cost reduction, elevated customer satisfaction, fortified brand reputation, diminished fraud, improved compliance, and enriched customer experience and loyalty.

Key uses of 360 Data Management:

360 Data Management is a comprehensive approach to handling, organizing, and deriving insights from your data. It involves the strategic collection, storage, processing, analysis, and visualization of data from all angles to make informed business decisions.

360 Data Management offers numerous benefits, including improved decision-making, enhanced operational efficiency, accurate trend analysis, better customer insights, and regulatory compliance. It helps businesses unlock the full potential of their data assets.

360 Data Management can handle various types of data, including structured (such as databases and spreadsheets), semi-structured (like XML and JSON files), and unstructured data (including text, images, and videos).

Some common use cases include customer profiling, sales forecasting, supply chain optimization, fraud detection, sentiment analysis, personalized marketing, and risk assessment. Essentially, any area where data-driven insights can lead to improvements can benefit from 360 Data Management.

360 Data Management incorporates robust security measures such as encryption, access controls, authentication mechanisms, and regular audits. It also adheres to data privacy regulations like GDPR and HIPAA, ensuring that sensitive information is handled appropriately.