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Acquisition Email: Connecting with Your Ideal Customer

Unlock New Customers with B2B Allies’ Acquisition Emails: Precision Targeting for Elevated ROI through Email Channels.


Jobs Processed Annually


Jobs Processed Annually
Acquisition email
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ROI-Driven, Measurable Email Campaigns

Incorporate acquisition or prospect email marketing into your next campaign, surpassing your objectives. With permission-based emails, you’ll gain clear insights into campaign performance and its positive impact on the bottom line through our attribution reporting. You’ll be empowered to trace recent acquisitions to email recipients.

Craft Targeted, High-Value Audiences via Email

Send Acquisition Emails to Diverse Audiences – Prospects, Website Visitors, and Custom Profiles. Utilizing B2B Allies’ top-tier data and skilled data science team, we enhance your audience profile, identifying key traits and crafting a distinctive custom audience for optimal outcomes.
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Completely Compliant Data in a Privacy-Focused Era

Our data adheres to GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, DMA, ISO, and SISA regulations. We continuously monitor new regulations, proposed bills, and industry standards to ensure your email prospecting campaigns uphold utmost security and privacy. B2B Allies ensures a safe and secure approach to reaching your audience.

Filter Out Unwanted or High-Risk Recipients

Ensure Precise Targeting with Suppression Processing. We identify and eliminate undesirable records from your files, considering factors like address type, ZIP Code, 3rd party opt-outs, previous orders, and current customers. Our privacy scrub services also help you identify sensitive records, removing entries from do-not-call and do-not-mail lists, as well as deceased consumers and those on the ACA Prison Address File. such as:

Address type (e.g. nursing homes, residential apartments)

  • ZIP Code
  • 3rd party opt outs
  • Previous orders
  • Current customers

Our skilled team assists in gaining new clientele

Over two decades, we’ve collaborated with 2000+ companies for their acquisition requirements. B2B Allies dispatches 1.5 billion acquisition emails annually, boasting a 97% average delivery rate. Acknowledging acquisition’s pivotal role in business growth, we’re dedicated to aiding you in building, executing, and sustaining a successful, fully compliant email acquisition strategy.
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We’ve meticulously designed a solution that fulfills all the essential criteria for the development, implementation, and sustainability of a prosperous email acquisition program. Leveraging our profound expertise in data management and more than two decades of experience in email technology and strategy, we’ve curated an exceptional solution that consistently delivers positive outcomes.
Emily Lawson, Vice President Strategy
UAE, Dubai

Strategically Transition Your Direct Mail to the Digital Realm

Our committed team of Deliverability Strategists oversees your campaigns, devises deployment strategies, and provides expert guidance to ensure strategic execution. This becomes crucial, particularly when targeting cold prospects. Our Match and Deploy solution facilitates offline-to-online matching, converting your direct mail prospects into a digital format.
Strategically bring your direct mail file into the digital space-01
”The Insert Media Team at B2B Allies has facilitated a smooth and effortless transition for our team at RDA. This transition not only met but also exceeded our revenue growth expectations. These are the precise collaborations we seek to fuel our ongoing expansion and achievements.”
Jordan Reynolds, Director of Creative Solutions
Canada, Toronto

Key uses of Acquisition email

An acquisition email is a targeted email campaign designed to attract and engage potential customers who haven’t previously interacted with your brand. It aims to convert recipients into subscribers, customers, or leads.

Acquisition emails can expand your customer base by reaching new audiences. They’re cost-effective, easily scalable, and offer measurable results, making them an essential tool for growing your business.

Common types include welcome emails, lead generation emails, promotional offers, exclusive content invitations, and referral program emails. Each type serves a specific purpose in engaging potential customers.

Absolutely. You can segment your audience based on demographics, interests, behavior, and more. Tailoring your messages to specific segments improves engagement and conversion rates.

Building your own email list through organic methods is recommended. Purchased lists may result in poor engagement and potential legal issues. Organic lists consist of people genuinely interested in your offerings.