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Surpass Objectives with Comprehensive Lead Generation

100% verified and qualified leads, complete with strong intent signals, to maintain a robust pipeline and achieve impressive conversion rates.


Jobs Processed Annually


Jobs Processed Annually

Transform your content into leads that drive conversions



Provide us with your downloadable content, like whitepapers, and we'll handle the rest.


Campaign strategy

We design and implement a campaign across CPL and display channels, focusing on your prospects and resembling your best customers.


Lead delivery

Receive well-qualified leads, complete with their buying groups, delivered to you in the preferred format.

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Leads that are fully verified and enriched, fueling valuable connections

Our internal call center specialists meticulously verify each lead before transferring them to you. Additionally, we go beyond by utilizing our top-tier business database to enrich every entry with critical information, including company name, contact name, title, address, industry, phone, email, domain, and employee count. This equips you with the assurance and convenience to initiate productive conversations confidently.

Emails validated for B2B utilization, empowering you to launch campaigns with assurance.

All our email addresses are collected using lawful and ethical methods, and are fully compliant with GDPR and CAN-SPAM regulations. This ensures that you can press ‘send’ with confidence, knowing you’re connecting with your intended audience while respecting consumer privacy.

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We’re observing substantial opportunities arising swiftly from our B2B Allies leads. Our partnership with B2B Allies is characterized by collaboration and effective communication. In times of budgeting or strategizing, not all answers are immediate. What I appreciate is that when I engage with the B2B Allies team, their initial query is always ‘how can we provide assistance?’. Such a partnership approach is precisely the kind we value

Emma Reynolds, VP of Marketing

United Kingdom, London

Link B2B leads with consumer behavior for valuable insights you can act on.

B2B leads also have consumer attributes. Through our B2C Link database, we offer a distinctive perspective on your audience, merging their business and consumer traits. This enables you to construct precise profiles that contribute to future discussions or offer crucial insights for other prospecting endeavors.

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Lead replacement guarentee-01

Lead replacement guarentee

We have full assurance that our B2B Lead Generation service will populate your pipeline with opportunities across all stages, and we’re ready to back our words with action. Should you encounter any leads outside the intended scope, we’ll replace them without any queries. This guarantee extends to leads generated in over 50 countries.

Comprehensive demand generation services

You’ll receive a fully customized lead generation solution designed to match your requirements. Our dedicated team will provide continuous campaign support to ensure you meet your objectives and achieve your desired outcomes. B2B Allies goes beyond being a mere data provider; we serve as a comprehensive data and agency partner, offering a range of services from data management and modeling to creative design, deployment, and the analysis of post-deployment metrics.

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“Today’s B2B marketer faces a dual challenge: precision and patience. B2B Allies confronts this challenge head-on with our cutting-edge business data, continuously updated in real time, along with our comprehensive intent data that indicates when your prospects are ready to purchase your offering. This potent blend of business and intent data empowers our clients to engage their buyers at the opportune moment, utilizing a mix of content syndication, display advertising, and data licensing.”

Ken Stout, Senior Vice President

Australia, Melbourne


B2B Lead Generation is the process of identifying and nurturing potential business customers who have shown interest in your product or service. It involves capturing relevant information about these prospects to convert them into sales-ready leads.

B2B Lead Generation can drive growth by providing a consistent stream of potential customers. It helps you target your marketing efforts effectively, increase your sales opportunities, and ultimately boost your revenue.


B2B Lead Generation serves multiple purposes, including expanding your customer base, building brand awareness, improving sales conversions, enhancing customer engagement, and supporting your overall marketing strategy.
B2B Lead Generation helps you identify new potential customers who fit your target audience profile. By reaching out to these leads and nurturing them, you can expand your customer base and tap into previously untapped markets.

Yes, B2B Lead Generation can contribute to brand awareness by increasing your presence in the market and making your brand more recognizable among your target audience.