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Jobs Processed Annually


Jobs Processed Annually

Clean data is one of the most important determinants of ROI; it can make or break your marketing program

B2B Allies processes billions of consumer and business records each month to help companies eliminate waste, avoid messaging out-of-date contacts, and boost response rates. Our clients depend on our processing services to continually improve their sales and marketing efforts and avoid costly mistakes caused by dirty data.

View your data through the eyes of our experts

It can be difficult to know where to start if you don’t know the health of your data. B2B Allie’s free data audit gives you an overview of the cleanliness of your business and consumer data, and identifies gaps and opportunities within it. This analysis performed by our seasoned Data Processing teams gives you a profile of your customers, an assessment of the accuracy of your data, and an analysis of the ROI of your data.

B2B Allies is a non-exclusive Licensee of the USPS®

Improve Address Quality

Clean address data is not only for direct mail, it is often a key part of identity resolution. Using our suite of postal processing solutions, we will ensure you’re working with accurate and deliverable business & consumer addresses. Our solutions help you reach your target audience and help you avoid wasting dollars on postage and duplicate mailings.
“The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association has been working with B2B Allies since 2015. The results we have seen in our direct mail response using B2B Allies have been very strong. Our most recent direct mail campaigns exceeded all expectations. We surpassed our budget goals just three weeks after the mail date, and to date have exceeded budget by $60,000 for that campaign.”

Mona, Manager of Direct Response 

California, USA

Keep your email data clean

Use our data processing services to remove closed-down, inactive and non-existing email accounts from your database, reducing the risk of deliverability issues like high bounce rates, blacklisting, and ISP blocks that can cause significant revenue loss.

Suppress unwanted or risky recipients

Suppression processing ensures your message only goes to your intended targets. Our services flag for suppression or remove unwanted records from your files based on different criteria such as:
  • Address type (e.g. nursing homes, residential apartments)
  • ZIP Code
  • 3rd party opt outs
  • Previous orders
  • Current customers
Our privacy scrub services help you flag sensitive records in your database that you should not be reaching out to. This scrub removes consumers and businesses on do-not-call and do-not-mail lists, as well as deceased consumers and those on the ACA Prison Address File.
“The B2B Allies Insert Media Team has made the transition for my team at RDA a seamless and painless process that has delivered growth in revenue as promised! These are the types of partnerships we look to for our continued growth and success.”
Reader’s Digest North America

Chicago, USA

Key uses of B2B Lead Generation?

B2B Lead Generation is the process of identifying and nurturing potential business customers who have shown interest in your product or service. It involves capturing relevant information about these prospects to convert them into sales-ready leads.
B2B Lead Generation can drive growth by providing a consistent stream of potential customers. It helps you target your marketing efforts effectively, increase your sales opportunities, and ultimately boost your revenue.
B2B Lead Generation serves multiple purposes, including expanding your customer base, building brand awareness, improving sales conversions, enhancing customer engagement, and supporting your overall marketing strategy.
B2B Lead Generation helps you identify new potential customers who fit your target audience profile. By reaching out to these leads and nurturing them, you can expand your customer base and tap into previously untapped markets.
Yes, B2B Lead Generation can contribute to brand awareness by increasing your presence in the market and making your brand more recognizable among your target audience.