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High-quality consumer data to drive your marketing and business requirements

Unlock the potential of your marketing and business strategies with premium consumer data. Our high-quality data solutions empower your endeavors, ensuring precise targeting and enhanced results.


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The cleanliness of your data is a critical factor in ROI calculation; it can heavily influence the effectiveness of your marketing endeavors.

Monthly, B2B Allies manages billions of consumer and business records, assisting enterprises in minimizing inefficiencies, circumventing outreach to outdated contacts, and heightening response rates. Our clients rely on our processing solutions to consistently elevate their sales and marketing initiatives, evading the costly errors associated with inaccurate data.
Canadian Consumer Data

Real-time delivery of precise consumer data

Our consumer database is curated from over 100 sources, encompassing real estate, tax assessments, voter registrations, utility connections, and other inputs. This empowers businesses to craft marketing campaigns using hundreds of up-to-date data attributes for targeted strategies.
Utilize the data to create actionable insights, impactful campaigns, and meaningful connections


Bridge the gaps in your customer knowledge, grasp their habits, priorities, and life stages, and leverage this insight to identify shared interests and develop resonant campaigns.


Utilize our data processing solutions to remove obsolete, inactive, and nonexistent email accounts from your database. This proactive strategy reduces the risk of facing deliverability issues like high bounce rates, blacklisting, and ISP blocks, all of which could lead to significant revenue loss.


Engage customers across multiple channels like direct mail, email, social media, display ads, IoT, and more, guided by our data insights about their preferences and online behavior.
“We have had a longstanding partnership with B2B Allies. They have been a reliable collaborator, offering us invaluable consumer data for prospecting and enhancing our consumer information. Additionally, they have played a pivotal role as strategic allies, assisting us in defining and constructing the segments crucial to our marketing efforts.”
Bobby M. Jenning, General Manager
New York | American 


Everything you need to know about your customers

Digital Data

Attain a comprehensive understanding of consumers' online activities, and leverage your existing knowledge about your audience to discover, engage, and gain additional customers who share similar characteristics.

Vehicle Data

Initiate your targeting with millions of vehicle purchase and registration records to reach a highly qualified audience of potential buyers.

Canadian Consumer Data

Access up-to-the-minute insights into the composition of Canadian consumers and harness them to drive your marketing, research, product development, and various initiatives.

Transactional Data

Utilize our exclusive database comprising purchase records for 120 million individuals and 62 million households to gain unparalleled insights into tangible consumer purchasing behaviors.

“Partnering with B2B Allies for our customer data needs has been an absolute game-changer for our lead generation efforts. The team at B2B Allies has been exceptional in their support, guiding us in harnessing the power of consumer data to drive our lead generation strategy.”
Jolia Mark, Marketer
Osaka, Japan

Key uses of Consumer Data:

Consumer data refers to information collected about individuals, their behaviors, preferences, and interactions. It can benefit your business by providing insights into your target audience’s habits, enabling personalized marketing strategies, improving customer experiences, and making informed business decisions.

Consumer data helps tailor marketing campaigns by understanding customer preferences, demographics, and purchasing behaviors. This leads to more targeted messaging, higher engagement rates, and increased conversion rates.

Absolutely. Consumer data allows businesses to segment their audience based on various attributes like age, location, interests, and past purchases. This segmentation helps create more relevant and effective marketing campaigns.

Consumer data aids in understanding customer preferences, purchase history, and interaction patterns. This information helps create personalized retention strategies, loyalty programs, and offers, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Consumer data insights can reveal gaps in the market, emerging trends, and changing customer needs. This information guides businesses in developing products and services that align with consumer demands, driving innovation.

Key uses of data enhancement-01