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To aid businesses in reducing inefficiency, steering clear of reaching outdated contacts, and enhancing response rates.


Jobs Processed Annually


Jobs Processed Annually
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The cleanliness of your data is a critical factor in ROI calculation; it can heavily influence the effectiveness of your marketing endeavors.

Monthly, B2B Allies manages billions of consumer and business records, assisting enterprises in minimizing inefficiencies, circumventing outreach to outdated contacts, and heightening response rates. Our clients rely on our processing solutions to consistently elevate their sales and marketing initiatives, evading the costly errors associated with inaccurate data.

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Observe your data from the perspective of our experts.

If you’re unsure about starting due to a lack of clarity on your data’s quality, B2B Allies provides a free data audit. This assessment evaluates your consumer and business data, pinpointing areas for enhancement. Conducted by our skilled Data Processing teams, this analysis offers insights into customer profiles, data accuracy, and data’s return on investment.

B2B Allies is a non-exclusive Licensee of the USPS®

Enhance Address Accuracy

Accurate address data has a broader role beyond direct mail; it’s vital for identity resolution. Leveraging our postal processing solutions, we ensure accurate and reachable consumer and business addresses. Our tools facilitate effective audience connections, curbing needless postage costs and redundant mailings.

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“The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association has been working with B2B Allies since 2015. The results we have seen in our direct mail response using B2B Allies have been very strong. Our most recent direct mail campaigns exceeded all expectations. We surpassed our budget goals just three weeks after the mail date, and to date have exceeded budget by $60,000 for that campaign.”
Bobby M. Jenning
American | New York
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Maintain the Purity of Your Data

Utilize our data processing solutions to remove obsolete, inactive, and nonexistent email accounts from your database. This proactive strategy reduces the risk of facing deliverability issues like high bounce rates, blacklisting, and ISP blocks, all of which could lead to significant revenue loss.

Key uses of email hygiene services:

View your data through the eyes of our experts-01

View your data through the eyes of our experts

If you’re uncertain about where to begin without a clear understanding of your data’s quality, B2B Allies offers a complimentary data audit that provides an evaluation of the condition of your consumer and business data, highlighting areas for improvement. Conducted by our experienced Data Processing teams, this analysis furnishes insights into your customer profiles, data accuracy, and data ROI.
Reactivation Campaigns

Reactivation Campaigns

Incorporate our APIs into your developed applications to access comprehensive, up-to-date data that our research team constantly verifies for accuracy. We provide extensive documentation and assistance to simplify the process, enabling you to seamlessly connect to the data you require and concentrate on crafting exceptional products or services.
Acquisition Campaigns

Acquisition Campaigns

Leverage our ready-made integrations to enhance the data within applications such as Salesforce, streamlining the utilization of software that perfectly aligns with your workflow, while ensuring access to the essential information necessary for maximizing its utility.


Our versatile group of data experts is here to assist you in locating the suitable data, establishing efficient delivery, and managing tailored processing as required. We employ a range of in-house tools and methodologies specifically designed to address our clients’ practical and ongoing requirements.
Ongoing data hygiene

Ongoing data hygiene

Provide your field teams with up-to-date printed directories that encompass comprehensive information about businesses within your market and region, particularly in situations where technology might not be accessible or dependable.
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Filter Out Undesired or High-Risk Recipients

Suppression processing guarantees your message reaches its intended recipients. Our services identify and exclude undesired records from your files using various criteria, including:

  • Address type (e.g., nursing homes, residential apartments)
  • ZIP Code
  • 3rd party opt-outs
  • Previous orders
  • Current customers

Our privacy scrub services aid in flagging sensitive records in your database that shouldn’t be contacted. This scrub eliminates consumers and businesses on do-not-call and do-not-mail lists, as well as deceased consumers and those on the ACA Prison Address File.

Elevate Your Data

Match your audience’s email or physical addresses with demographic and psychographic data to create accurate customer profiles. This enables you to discover new audience segments, improve cross-selling and upselling efforts, and fine-tune your marketing strategies with precision.

Enhance your Data
“The B2B Allies Insert Media Team has made the transition for my team at RDA a seamless and painless process that has delivered growth in revenue as promised! These are the types of partnerships we look to for our continued growth and success.”
Reader’s Digest North America
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Remove Duplication

Consolidate various data sources into a singular, refined dataset that eradicates duplication, lowers marketing expenses, and bolsters the overall impact of your marketing endeavors.

Target reachable records

Assess your data’s completeness and precision through scoring to pinpoint deliverable and engaged records. Optimize your direct marketing allocation towards these records, heightening conversions within your budget.

Enhance your approach

Access comprehensive analytics on the merging process, pinpointing areas for refining data collection and management strategies, thus minimizing inefficiencies


Data processing is the transformation of raw data into meaningful and actionable information through various methods, including cleaning, validation, transformation, and analysis.
Data processing is essential for converting raw data into valuable insights that drive informed decision-making. It ensures data accuracy, enhances data quality, and enables businesses to derive meaningful conclusions from their data.
Data processing typically involves stages such as data collection, data cleaning, data transformation, data analysis, and data visualization. These stages collectively help in turning data into actionable insights.
Data processing can improve the quality of your data, leading to more accurate insights. It helps in identifying trends, patterns, and correlations within the data, which can guide strategic business decisions.
Data processing employs techniques like data cleansing, data enrichment, data transformation, data aggregation, and data analysis. These techniques help convert raw data into valuable insights.
Key uses of data enhancement-01