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B2B Allies offers the most comprehensive and accurate business and consumer databases

To help companies eliminate waste, avoid messaging out-of-date contacts, and boost response rates.


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Data is the foundation of any intelligent business

B2B Allies provides exceptionally comprehensive and precise business and consumer databases, encompassing more than 700 distinct attributes for both businesses and consumers in the United States and Canada. Our data encompasses hundreds of millions of individuals and households, along with tens of millions of businesses, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to small local businesses and independent freelancers working from home.

Business Data

B2B Allies extensive business database provides clients with access to more than 400 attributes concerning millions of businesses in the US and Canada. This data is continuously verified and includes information such as address, phone number, operating hours, employee count, online presence, SIC code, contacts, and more, encompassing a wide range of businesses, from Fortune 500 corporations to small local enterprises and independent professionals.
Co-op data
Intent data
Canadian data 

Consumer Data

B2B Allies consumer database is sourced from over 100 channels, enabling businesses to develop offerings, services, and campaigns founded on over 300 real-time updated consumer attributes.
Digital data
Transactional data
Vehicle data
Canadian data

Donor Data

Comprehend your donor community’s composition to craft digital and direct mail campaigns that deeply connect with their philanthropic motivations, fostering enduring relationships that align with your organization’s objectives.

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Develop a unified profile of your prospects, merging their professional and personal characteristics, to enhance your comprehension of your audience. This expands your outreach and fortifies relationships, whether they’re in a work or personal setting.
B2B Allies offers an extensive data collection, specialized tools, and additional services. Utilizing its wide-ranging data collection, B2B Allies provides targeted solutions for marketing, sales, and data management purposes.
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