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In the modern business landscape, regardless of the product or service, customers demand exceptional care. To foster brand engagement, companies must discover appropriate tools and solutions that facilitate interactions, address customer needs efficiently, and boost loyalty and retention.

With B2B Allies Omnichannel Customer Support, businesses can access dynamic solutions for customer care and technical troubleshooting, catering to the demands of today’s digitally-connected and always-available customers. Our Omnichannel Customer Support Platform prioritizes customer needs by ensuring effective resolutions across diverse digital channels.

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B2B Allies Omnichannel Customer Support delivers top-notch, comprehensive customer support services across various channels: Phone, Email, Chat, and Social Media. Our team utilizes our exclusive virtual agent chatbots and AI to streamline training processes. Through our primary client interaction tools, we ensure efficacy, excellence, and scalability while keeping costs low. Furthermore, our intelligent analytics enhance agent performance and ensure consistent service quality.

B2B Allies Omnichannel Customer Support

Live Voice & Chat Support

Live voice, online chat, SMS and messaging agents for:

  • Sales
  • Repair
  • Billing
  • Technical Support
  • Retention and more
  • Email Support

    Email support and tech solutions that respond to customer queries across:

  • Customer Care
  • General Information
  • Product and Sales inquiries
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Social Media Support

    Social Media engagement including tracking and monitoring of:

  • Customer experiences
  • Online social media interactions
  • Response management
  • Keyword prioritization


    Leverage Machine Learning to streamline billing, troubleshoot repair services, and create meaningful analytics


    Deep experience with text mining and predictive analytics


    Chatbot based training to improve new hire proficiency


    Automated workflows and scripts to optimize communication


    Increase cross sell and upsell opportunities

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