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Infuse your product with our top-tier data.

We collaborate with diverse enterprises, ranging from startups to Fortune 100 firms. Our data fuels premier search engines, supplies points-of-interest information to US in-car navigation systems, manages risk, offers direct marketing solutions, and serves various other purposes.
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Each Scenario is Unique.

Our business and consumer data hold the potential to enhance and create pioneering products and solutions across all sectors. We recognize the individuality of each application. Hence, when you choose to license our data, you gain the flexibility to integrate precisely the data you require, exactly where it’s needed. This empowers you to harness data as an asset for your company, ultimately enriching your customer experience.
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Acquire a full scope of businesses and individuals in the US & Canada.

B2B Allies’ databases encompass demographic insights about individuals and households, along with firmographic insights about businesses throughout the US & Canada. Our datasets offer valuable insights not only into traditional physical establishments but also the rising trend of home-based businesses managed by a diverse range of professionals, including entrepreneurs, freelancers, contractors, consultants, and service providers spanning various industries. As a result, our data becomes a vital element in diverse areas, including marketing, sales, and product innovation.

Unmatched data excellence, enriched with a human approach.

To ensure utmost data accuracy for our clients, we prioritize human verification in our validation process. Our devoted team of over 100 data experts contacts over 1000 businesses every week to validate and enrich our records, guaranteeing you access to the most current and precise information available.
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“The unmatched business data from B2B Allies has offered an exceptional level of intelligence leveraged by Verizon to enhance coverage and services. We eagerly anticipate further utilization of their top-tier dataset to craft influential insights that shape our operations.”
Andrew F. Black
American, Hispanic
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Staying updated in real time

With B2B Allies, be confident in having current data available anytime. Access real-time details on openings, closures, address changes, and more for businesses across the US and Canada.

License our data for:

Insurance, risk & Financial solutions

Insurance, Risk Management

To guarantee users possess the latest information for underwriting, evaluating risks & enhancing operational efficiency.

Location intellengence

Location Insights

Empower GIS App with accurate data to bolster mapping technologies and acquire insights into precise geographical regions.

GPS & navigation system

GPS & Navigation Systems

Ensuring top-notch data powers in-car navigation for precise user guidance.

Local search & delivery applications

Local Search & Delivery Applications

Maintaining current and accurate business listings ensures online visibility and precise product deliveries.

Marketing & analytics

Marketing & Analytics

Supplying reliable insights through demographic and firmographic data for optimal model and marketing performance.

Virtual assistants

Virtual Assistants

Ensuring their products and apps can respond to queries like "When does the nearby pizza place close?

System Integrators

System Integrators

Aiding federal agencies in pinpointing and addressing information gaps for risk reduction

Digital solutions

Digital solutions

Enabling access to digital audiences for targeted multi-channel reach to ideal customers.


Our data licensing ensures comprehensive coverage, meaning that the data provided spans a wide range of relevant information. Compliance ensures that the data adheres to industry standards and legal regulations, maintaining data integrity and user trust. Accuracy ensures that the data is reliable and precise, minimizing errors and inaccuracies. Recency guarantees that the data is up-to-date, reflecting the most current information available. Together, these attributes create a robust dataset that empowers you to develop products that truly meet your customers’ demands.

Data licensing plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of your product. By incorporating licensed data with coverage across various domains, you can enrich the depth and breadth of your product’s information. Ensuring compliance safeguards your product from legal and ethical pitfalls, instilling confidence in users. The accuracy of licensed data translates into reliable insights and outputs, enabling your product to deliver meaningful results. Moreover, utilizing up-to-date information through data licensing keeps your product relevant, maintaining its value and usability over time.

Absolutely. Our commitment to providing data with coverage, compliance, accuracy, and recency is rooted in our dedication to empowering you to create customer-centric products. By utilizing licensed data that encompasses various dimensions, adheres to industry standards, and is thoroughly vetted for accuracy, you can confidently craft a product that aligns precisely with your customers’ needs. Leveraging up-to-date data ensures that your product stays relevant, maintaining its utility and value for your customers, ultimately leading to their satisfaction and loyalty.